Obama Election Results Were Crazy

President Obama Election Results

On November 6, 2012, the United States citizens alongside the historic Electoral College made their civic voices heard when incumbent Barack Obama was named President of the United States of America.

To win the election, a candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win with Obama reigning with 332 in total, as compared to Mitt Romney’s mere 206. He also carried the majority in popular vote at 51.1% of voters rooting for him, which equates to 26 states plus the District of Columbia at a population of 65,915,796 favoring Obama over Romney, plenty to elect him into the office of presidency and the status of commander-in-chief.

Campaigns were greatly affected by steep hikes in fundraising, as well as having clear and majority views on hot topics discussed including responses to the recession, termed nowadays as the Great Recession, economic recovery, job creation, federal budget issues, social insurance programs, the Affordable Care Act, and foreign policy especially in relation to the phasing-out of the Iraq war, military spending, and counteractions to terrorism and a growing national security threat–all of which greatly affected the President Obama election results.

With the amount of blue and red states fairly equal, the more populous states including California, New York, and Florida were all democratic-majority states which contributed to Obama’s victory. A trend can also be noticed. Blue states tend to collect towards the north, or in places with larger cities which tend to have higher immigration rates and race diversity.

According to exit poll statistics relating to the President Obama election results, more males chose Romney rather than Obama, with the opposite being true for females. The factor of age was indirectly proportionate: in the Obama category, less people chose him the higher the age bracket went, whereas the opposite lies true for Mitt Romney. Probably the largest and most symbolic divide was is the race category. More whites chose Romney over Obama, whereas all minority groups, including blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and those characterized as other starkly favored Obama. This is reflective of many social plans he had invested into emphasis within his campaign. Those with no high school diploma chose Obama far more over Romney, and the gap margin decreased as the level of education increased. Those who made more than $50,000 per year including that for family income favored Romney, as well.

The statistics are all indicative of the status of the country and one can clearly draw their own conclusions. But all is dependent on the past record of the incumbent, the views that each will bring to the table, and what the public has to gain or lose. The President Obama election results said a lot about what America desires for its future.

113th Congress: The Eternal Deadlock

The 113th Congress of the United States has recently been named the least productive Congress in all of American history. This revelation didn’t come as a shock to most, and came forth under recent analysis of the House’s track record. Half way through its term, the members of the U.S House of Representatives have passed only 56 bills, compared to the 108th Congress, which passed 504 pieces of legislation between 2003 and 2004.

Ironically, Congress even has a hard time agreeing over what causes their constant disagreement. Many believe that it’s a lack of being able to work in a bipartisan environment, and are quick to blame each other when trying to determine the cause of strife between the two parties. While it may or may not be the source of the inefficiency of the government, one could easily look at the party figure-heads to see that it does play some sort of role in the deficits. President Barack Obama of the Democrats and Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner have been at a constant brawl since the President’s reelection over a year ago. The two act much like siblings in a rivalry, and have rarely ever agreed on anything; even sometimes dropping ever-so-slight hints in the media at their distaste for the other professionally. With a Congress that seems to constantly be in a war zone, it should be no surprise that nothing ever gets done.

Another factor that attributes to the lack of momentum in the government, some say, is the filibuster. It is mandated in the constitution that every congressman must get the chance to speak for or against a bill if they so choose. However, to make sure that Congress doesn’t focus on one bill for too long, there is a “bill life”, and certain bills can only be discussed for short amount of time before a bill must be voted upon. The drawback being that there are extremely loose regulations in a deadlocked Congress regarding the amount of time each person has to take the floor. Thus, the filibuster is the systematic attempt to try to block the bill from passing by taking the floor and wasting large amounts of time until a vote must be taken. This typically takes place on a partisan basis, and often times many speak about things that are completely irrelevant. Recently, it is profoundly uncommon for a filibuster not to take place, and many speak for hours on end about things such as their children, or cats, or even fast food restaurants—anything to make the time go by. This mostly occurs in the Senate, and there have been recent modifications to eliminate filibusters.

Even after enduring a government shutdown, this has refused to stop. Currently, a new farm bill is in question, and if Congress can’t come to an agreement, the price of milk could rise to an astounding $8. It only raises the question as to how far Congress will let their differences keep them from being productive, and how much Americans will have to suffer until they come to their senses.

The Power Elite Are Killing Us

Being a renowned sociological concept, the power elite theory explains the growing economic disparities globally. The theory focuses on how individual elite is responsible for the life and death issues of a nation. The power is concentrated in a few hands rather than multiple groups who make decisions selfishly, leaving little or no hope for the middle and poor classes. It is evident through the name of the theory that power elite is an outcry of unequal opportunities for the average citizens. In America, the power elite apply to the one percent and the average Americans.

C. Wright Mills mentioned that the power elite theory in America characterizes the president and his cabinet members, the corporations and the military officers. While these characteristics may appear to be closely-knit together, these people do not partake in a conspiracy of any sort nor are they completely selfish. The elite have respect for civil liberties and follow constitutional principles. They are not dictators nor do they rely on terror or policing. Moreover, the membership for the power elite is not closed. Anybody, with hard work and an attitude to internalize elite values and beliefs can make their way into higher circles. It cannot be argued that some people are born into prominent families and therefore, they have a different lifestyle than those who adopt this lifestyle.

The major question concerning power elite is where do they actually derive their power from? If they do not repress or inherit their power, then how do they become powerful? They get their power from the higher social structures. Possessing control of the political organizations through shared values and beliefs, this is where the power elite theory finds its life.

As Mills stated that the power elite have control over the top command posts in what is inverted totalitarianism. These posts do not merely give the elite governmental control but control over other aspects of life including educational, civic, social and financial institutions. The choices made in the corporate board meetings and banking institutions affect the inflation rate of the country. The power of the elite is doubled through the collaborations of political, military and industrial institutions. All three institutions are now interconnected that they prosper together far better than they do separately. This joint venture makes the elite to make decisions that are best suited to the interests of one another rather than the society at-large.

There is a major drawback to the theory of power elite. The civilians have lost control completely due to conspiracy. They have become merely spectators of the drama that unfolds in the major institutions. Having no role to play in the government affairs, the power elite become even more powerful when they know there will be no opposition. The citizens have become alienated from governmental affairs which have led to the decline in electoral politics. With people becoming passive, their destinies are now controlled by the power elite. It is also the supreme irony of American politics which uses democracy as a smokescreen for the power elite governance.

The biggest sector of the economy that the power elite operates in is the military industrial complex. For more on them check out the book The War State by Michael Swanson. He is also wrote a good book on danville va history.

The Maserati Car Is For The Ruling War Elite

The Maserati car is a sports luxury car that is not easy to find on the roads. It is described as a very fast car, which suits the life of the fast and rich, who want to access the life on the fast lane. The production company was established in 1914, in Bologna, which is now owned by an Italian car giant company. It was associated with the Ferrari, but it got changed and is now part of the car group called the Alfa Romeo.

Over the years, they have come up with different car models that are under the flagship of this brand, the company only deals for sports cars and you do have the chance to choose the one that you like. Some of them are ideal for racing, they have been used on the tracks, and some are used in movies. Some people will adapt them to represent their lifestyle and image. It is not easy to own this car since they are rare and very highly priced. However, you will find them in different movies and music videos. You cannot miss them due to their appealing nature, exclusive colors, and most importantly, the speed.

The Maserati car has different models. Some of the, include the gransturismo, the grancabrio, the quattroprte, and the ghbli, these are the common and popular models that have had a good market reception. In the racing work, the car company has come up with the cars that have been used to win some of the world motor racing session. The trofeo MC is the best car and it has been featured in different races. It currently owns the Shanghai and the European world title for the car races.

This car company is celebrating a century into the car manufacturing world in 2014. The fist car models are now the vintage models and it is not easy to find any in the market. They are still in good condition but they are very hard to maintain since you need to invest high amounts in serving for maintenance.

The car company has custom made the apparels that you can use when driving the cars. They do come in different shapes and sizes. They are good collectibles that you can have when you are using the car. This can include the home and office details like the calendar, pens, shirts, and watches. These are top brands from the manufacturer who gives you the ideal luxury sports cars.

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The War Rich Are Decadent!

According to recent reports, the rich in New York spend most of their time in investments. This includes buying homes, real estate, yachts, cars and investing in the stock market. Majority of wealthy people in USA reside here in New York. You can find most of the celebrities, business people, executives, and sports personalities in this area. It will be hard for you to get an apartment in this area since most are reserved for the rich people. Their main business will revolve around the city and want a place that is near with loads of security and privacy. A local person who is starting to make it in life may find it very hard to live in some of the exclusive places in this region.

The research indicates that over 8,000 people in this state have more than $30 million in assets, and cash. This has made most investors to offer the rich in New York a good place to live, a place to spend their holidays and spots to enjoy shopping. It is not easy for some states to accommodate the people who are rich but in this state, you can find all the essentials that can attract rich tycoons.

In a place where most stores have increased their prices, you may find a dress normally priced at $300 will go for over $1000 dollars in this state. This shows that most of the designers have taken the chance to invest in areas that will give them more exposure.

The rich people will want to have the best and want to keep on competing. This creates a good competition since it thrives the economy. This can be observed by the development of big and mega houses for the rich to live. Many will want to have a luxurious and spacey house, an apartment in the main city, a cottage, and a family house. For the rich, living in different houses when they are going about their businesses is success, and they want to keep on increasing their assets.

The rich also have a passion for cars. Most want to have the best and fast sports cars for the weekend and for their leisure. This will include some of the world’s best brands that many people will only dream of. Some want to have good official cars to make an impression when meeting with investors. They also have family cars, yachts and private jets.

The rich in New York have created employment opportunities for too many people and this is the reason for the high economy in this state. If one has over three households, they need people to take care of them daily even when they are not there physically. Those who have private jets want a full time pilot, and a sailor for those who have yachts. They also need to ensure they are in the right track and this means consulting different financial advisors in order to budget their cash and make the right move to ensure they get more cash to maintain their lavish lifestyle.